Hey smart crowd,
It was the 28th of April, 17:30h at the University of Mannheim:

8 Startup-Teams fought at the „Q-Summit PitchBattle“ for a metaphorical and as we found out also a literal gold medal.
There were 2 simple rules: 3 Minute Pitch – 4 Minute Q&A After a short jury discussion three teams were asked on stage and the first prize was announced and we had just won our first pitch battle. But let’s back up a bit to show you how we got there. 

On Sunday the 22nd, so just a week earlier, we got our website and social media channels online. One day later we got the exciting news that we were going to pitch our idea in front of hundreds of startup-spirited students at one of the most prestigious business schools in Germany at the Q-Summit 2018. Following their theme: „Where Entrepreneurship meets Innovation“ the Q-Summit is one of the biggest student organized startup-conferences in Germany with 80 organizers, 25 speakers and over 700 participants. So we worked a couple of nightshifts to get our pitch ready. Our CDO and CMO took charge and and designed the pitch presentation. On Friday, Day 2 of the Q-Summit, we got the chance to pitch our idea for the first time in a workshop, held by PWC Germany. They gave us some valuable insights. After a short personal talk with Fabian Karau, the workshop leader, we decided to start designing the pitch almost from scratch again and make it less technical. Another nightshift followed and the day of the pitch battle arrived. On the final day of the Q-Summit 2018 the pitch battle was the last part of the conference. We were excited to present our idea in front of so many young and promising faces and an expert jury. We went in with no expectations – but it all went differently. After a solid performance off all start ups – hats off to all the participating presenters – the jury got together to discuss the final ranking. Since we were asked on stage together with two of the other start ups, a place within the first three was already sure. After the third place was announced, it was between us and „Roadads interactive“ to win the first place. As you all know by now we made the race – also due to our amazing supporters who voted for the public vote, thank you. We were handed a gold medal, a huge check with a price money of 1500,-€ and got lot of valuable connections for the future. We will upload our pitch soon and are looking forward to the official after movie, pictures and report by the Q-Summit team as well.

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